Simple, Affordable Real-Time Location Technology for Hospitality.

TraknProtect is a real-time location technology that allows hotels to integrate the power of location data into their safety and operations systems.







The TraknProtect platform is a network of hardware access points (Hubs) that gathers real-time location data. TraknProtect services use this data and TraknProtect software to deliver to panic buttonsinventory trackingF&B room tray tracking, and vendor and staff tracking. The TraknProtect software (available mobile app, web app, and desktop) allows designated staff access to location tools and analytics that provide actionable insights into capital cost savings and increased team efficiency.


meet the


Parminder Batra
Parminder Batra | CEO & Co-Founder

Parminder founded TraknProtect with the help of Arun Sobti and has taken the idea all the way from conception, development, prototyping, and validating the product to now to being several hotel properties. Parminder oversaw the pivot of the company from B2C to B2B and into the hotel industry by identifying a niche market opportunity, where inventory tracking was non-existent. In the past three years, Parminder has become an expert in the hospitality industry and helping hotels such as Hyatt.

Fadi Kahhaleh
Fadi Kahhaleh | CTO

As the Chief Technology Officer, Fadi develops the architecture for our technology and analytics platform. Prior to joining TraknProtect, Fadi worked as a founder for Katib Technologies and as technical consultant for Oracle before starting and operating his own technology consulting company, Kahhaleh Inc.

Janna Jackson
Janna Jackson | VP of Operations

Versatile and tenacious operations maven with 8 years of experience using data-driven solutions and rock-solid infrastructures to support project completion, growth, and innovation. Embracer of obstacles and complex problems. Challenging and enthusiastic team leader. Customer service obsessed.

Kurt Knipper | Senior Sales Director

As the Senior Sales Director, Kurt is helping to guide the business development and sales direction regarding strategy and execution. Kurt has over 25 years of corporate experience in business development with Enterprise corporate IT organizations. Kurt is passionate about The hospitality industry and TraknProtect and sees the opportunity to uniquely serve with TraknProtect as an industry leader in hotel security as well as back of house productivity tools. 

meet the


Anil Harjani
Anil Harjani | Advisor

Anil is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at Outcome Health (formerly ContextMedia), a high-growth health information services company headquartered in Chicago. Anil was the former VP of Global Innovation at Hyatt Hotels, during which time he was instrumental in its pivot into B2B and launching a pilot at a Hyatt property and a successful launch at TraknProtect’s first customer hotel. As an advisor to TraknProtect, he continues to provide expertise on business development with hotels and various hotel ownership groups.

Mark Wells
Mark Wells | Advisor

Mark is a Senior Relationship Manager with Heartland Payment Systems where he establishes and maintains relationships with senior management in the hospitality industry. Mark has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. At TraknProtect, Mark facilitates business development and client pipeline management.

Anjali Gurnani
Anjali Gurnani | Advisor

Anjali has played various roles with startups over the past 15 years – she was one of the co-founders at Athena Security where she led business growth until its sale to SolarWinds; also a co-founded Lisle Technology Partners; and is currently VP of product security at Uptake, which provides insights and analytics for the “industrial internet”. As one of the TraknProtect advisors, she helps turning market insights and technology value propositions into products that address customer needs, therefore guiding our business and go-to-market strategies.

Deepak Goel
Deepak Goel | Advisor

Deepak is a seasoned product management executive and entrepreneur. He was previously a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Packback Books, a Chicago-based startup funded by Mark Cuban. He is a TEDx speaker, a Mensa member and has patents for 4 of his inventions. He is currently the Founder & CEO of KarmaCircles. At TraknProtect, he provides his insights and expertise to guide the technology development and fundraising strategy. Deepak has acted as a strategic advisor to TraknProtect since its inception.

Arun Sobti
Arun Sobti | Advisor & Co-Founder

Having been an intra-preneur at Motorola for over 25 years, Arun now consults for select clients and is the founder of five separate start-ups within eHealth, security, energy, incognito communication systems and smart device industries. Arun is one of the co-founders of TraknProtect and remains an advisor guiding our technical growth and strategy.

Samer Khanafseh
Samer Khanafseh | Industry Expert & Advisor

Currently Samer is a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and Co-founder and Principal at TruNav. Samer holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering for the Illinois Institute of Technology. At TraknProtect, Samer’s experience and expertise in WiFi & GPS technology make him a perfect fit as a technology advisor.

Sunil Gaitonde
Sunil Gaitonde | Advisor

Sunil is CEO of kPoint Technologies, a software platform that enables search feature in videos. Prior to that, Sunil co-founded GS Lab, a technology lab for clients such as Intel. Prior to founding kPoint & GS Labs, Sunil founded Sarvega, developed and built Web Infrastructure products at Cisco to generate $150M at Cisco annually and also advised Cisco on several acquisitions. Sunil joined Cisco as a result of Cisco’s acquisition of Internet Junction – another company that Sunil had co-founded. At TraknProtect, Sunil provides keen insight to working with large B2B clients such as Hyatt, technical guidance and business strategy having sold two startups previously.

David Millili
David Millili | Advisor

David began his hospitality career as a GM at a NYC hotel 20 years ago. He is an hospitality expert having founded Open Hospitality, a recognized industry leader in providing hotel internet marketing services. Open Hospitality was then acquired by Pegasus Solutions, where David became the CEO and a board member. At TraknProtect, he brings both hotel operations and hospitality software development experiences to facilitate growth, business development, go-to-market strategy and fundraising.