Accomodating Families, The Rising Guest

January 07, 2016

There are several reasons why each guest has checked into your hotel. Whether they’re traveling for business or striving for an independent getaway, each guest stay should be customized as much as possible to accommodate their traveling needs. With the growth of Generation X, a specific group of guests are becoming increasingly important today, and it’s families. Families traveling together have very different needs than those guests traveling for business. For example, instead of a desk, a family needs the option of having a rollaway bed.

Traveling is also much different for a family than for individual travelers. The importance of a  comfy bed shifts to the importance of activities, to keep the kids entertained. With vacation spending expected to top $65B in 2015, hotels need to make sure that they are prepared for a family’s travel needs. recently published an article by Patrick Mayock centering around this need to adapt and improve hotels to better cater to families. Here’s our take on Mayock’s list of attributes families appreciate:

  1. Extra Space – wait – you didn’t tell me what he said about this – need to provide this before you can provide TnP Take.

TraknProtect Take: Parents want to ensure that they can get some alone time during a family vacation; adjoining rooms and suite designs with sitting areas are highly appealing when families are consulting with you on what room to book. – make sure this is different and adding onto what the article is saying not just summarizing it. Our take should be our opinion not a reiteration of what has already been said.

  1. Microwaves and Mini Fridges – same as above – summarize what he is saying succinctly.

TraknProtect Take: Families try to be as affordable as possible, so they like the option of being able to bring food with them – whether it be some snacks from the store or leftovers that the kids couldn’t finish. Having this extra inventory quickly and readily available is always a plus for reviews.

  1. Activities for Kids

TraknProtect Take: As much as parents hate to admit it, kids have a large say in almost everything project management tools. If the kids are entertained, the parents will have more time to relax. Having facilities and fun things to do for kids will make your hotel 10x more attractive to parents in need of a break.

  1. Free Breakfast

TraknProtect Take: Not only is it eye-catching because it’s free, but it also shows that the hotel cares for the needs of the guest. Offer complimentary goods based on families’ needs and their length of stay.

  1. Affordability

TraknProtect Take: The importance of affordability with families (especially on vacations) can’t be stressed enough. When it comes down to two hotels with similar accommodations, a family will choose the cheaper route. Work with promotional companies and management to identify where you can help families save money.


Every hotel targets to a specific type of guest, so not all hotels should adapt to cater to families more. However, for the hotels that want to bring in more families as regular guests, it is important to have specific accommodations readily available, in order to improve a family’s stay crestor 10 mg. Items that families will highly appreciate in a hotel are: rollaway beds, mini fridges, microwaves, cribs, safes etc. What families will appreciate even more is the availability and timely delivery of these items. With TraknProtect, hotel staff can track down any item in seconds to ensure fast and efficient guest service while helping you make smarter inventory decisions.





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