March 15, 2017

We’ve come a long way from the flip phone to an iPhone, from a desktop PC to tablets and laptops, we’re always evolving to become more modern, but can you say the same about your hotel? There might be a few things in your hotel that irk your guests and can make your hotel seem old fashioned and outdated.  This statement alone may make you cringe, as the first question that comes to mind is: “Do I need to re-assess everything that’s in my hotel?”. Luckily we’re here to help with a fun spin on things. Here are 10 things that we suggest it’s time to say sayonara to, to bring your hotel up to date.


  1. You may be a culprit of providing slow Wi-Fi and this is a guest’s worst nightmare. How will they Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook about your hotel?  If social media isn’t their biggest concern, then work is. Beware when they can compare your Wi-Fi to dial up. Do everyone a favor and change out those old routers that cause the turtle speed Wi-Fi.



  1. It’s about time to upgrade that alarm clock-because if it’s only being used for one purpose then it’s not fully being used to its potential. An alarm clock with a phone charger is the way to go, but remember, every year the iPhone comes out with a new version of its phone and unfortunately new charging ports.  So an alarm clock with an iPhone 4 charging port just won’t do – maybe something with Bluetooth?


  1. Tube TVs- We know there’s some of you out there that still have these! Why? They’re bulky, they take up a lot of space, and you know that sleek new style that you were going for, for your hotel room? Well it definitely puts a damper on that. If I want to relive the past, I stream 90s TV shows on a flat screen, preferably with a HDMI port for my Chromecast.



  1. Slide or Dial Thermostats- You might not realize how cumbersome these slide or dial thermostats can be, but they are.  Especially the fact that I can’t set a temperature that ends in anything but a zero or a five. With a digital face, I can set that comfortable 72-degree temperature that I like.



  1. DO NOT DISTURB SIGNS- Why haven’t these gone digital yet? It’s about time we get rid of as much wasteful paper and go green! An automated front door display with a few key messages should do just the trick to let the staff know what the guest would like. Plus, it doesn’t stay on the handle anyway.



  1. Outlets without USB ports? Yes, we’re all human - we forget our plug-in for a charger and sometimes it’s convenient to carry just the USB cable for travel. Hotels have to accommodate guests. Even planes have USB ports now!


  1. Hotel Room Telephone- People are getting rid of landlines in their homes… so why is a hotel room telephone even relevant anymore? You may think its most important use is for guest services but luckily there are companies that have built apps for concierge services for mobile devices. That’s the end of in-room telephones and good ridden too, I once saw them on a list for the dirtiest objects in hotel rooms anyway…


  1. If it’s not Keurig what’s the point of a coffee machine? Coffee is a basic that is expected to be provided for guests. It’s how people survive in the AM and get through the rest of their day’s schedule.  It’s essential.



  1. Bar Soap- Let’s be real here, these get wasteful quickly and why hotels haven’t switched

over to soap dispensers yet is still an enigma.


  1. Wake up calls- Are these really needed? Until the guest arrived to the hotel they were just fine waking up without it. And with the new alarm clock you’re upgrading to, they will be just fine with that or their phone.


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