Leveraging BYOD to Enhance Guest Experience

May 13, 2016

Consumers are using their phones for everything – not only to call or text, but to purchase things, to order a cab, to operate their Apple TV at home and to watch Netflix on their commute. And so people are traveling with their own tablets on the plane – eliminating the use of screens provided by an airline. Employees are using their own phones to conduct business. Visitors are using apps to learn about a museum exhibit. In short, it’s BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – to do whatever it is you need to!

Employers have gotten used to this and have adjusted their processes to incorporate mobile technology and allow employees to use them, leading to lower costs for the company and increased productivity by the employee.

We are used to having our smartphones and other devices with us wherever we go, so why should it be any different when we stay at a hotel? To stay ahead of the next technology wave, hotels need to  keep the integration of mobile phones in mind, when adopting technologies that will improve the guest experience. Hotels have to move beyond just mobile apps for booking rooms and think about the broader guest experience.

Here are some mobile technologies that help hotels integrate with a customer’s mobile life:

  • Text Messaging:

Guests are now able to send a text message for anything they might need at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona.  They have a dedicated concierge that handles the requests that come through text. Need a crib or rollaway bed, just text the concierge!

  • Mobile check-in and room key

Using mobile apps like Proxce, guests can now check in to the hotel without ever having to wait in line. Guests are immediately detected when they enter the hotel property and automatically assigned a room number. Combine this with keyless entry and smartphones as keycards, guests can go directly to their room after arriving at the property, significantly making their stay easier.

  • Media Streaming


Some hotels are now enabling streaming technologies so guests can use their mobiles or tablets to stream photos, video or music to the room’s HDTV.  This gives guests the same control they may have at home using a device like Apple TV, Chromecast or the Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.


  • Mobile phone replacing the remote

Apps like myAway (from Guest-tek) allow guests to pair a smartphone to the hotel room’s TV. Guests can adjust the TV controls, navigate menus, view the program guide, and purchase hotel movie content, all with their smartphones.

This is a good sampling of the technologies available that leverage and encourage guest BYOD and integrate into the guests’ normal behavior.  As you think about which technologies you might want to leverage, also consider the impact on backend systems and integrating into your existing infrastructure. For example, if you want to enable media streaming, ensure you have good Wi-Fi coverage and speeds throughout your hotel property so all guests have a good experience. Ultimately, BYOD will help hotels save money by:

  • Reducing number of lost remotes;
  • Reduce need to change batteries in remotes – both time and money saved!;
  • Greater control by guest = greater guest satisfaction = improved guest ratings & engagement.

And so, go ahead, tell your guests “BYOD!”

TraknProtect is not a guest facing system, and therefore, does not involve the guest’s phone, TraknProtect incorporates mobile when tracking equipment all over the hotel! One simple app on a mobile device can allow employees to make lasting impression on your guests by knowing the real-time location of that crib or rollaway bed (or any other type of equipment), so that it can be presented to the guest efficiently! Learn more about TraknProtect equipment here.



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