Technologies That Can Help You Increase Revenues – Join Us For Our Event!

April 06, 2016

We are really excited about our hospitality event taking place April 19th at 1871.  It’s an excellent opportunity to hear more about how technology can help hoteliers increase revenues and cut costs.  You can also get perspectives directly from experts in the industry, like Michael Blake, CEO of HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation). Michael Blake will be our keynote speaker, presenting on key technology trends affecting hotel sales and operations. So if you’re a hotel GM or part of the hotel management, this will be also a great opportunity to come out and meet us in person!

It is crucial to not only to understand what technologies are out there, but how to incorporate technology into your business that will have a positive impact on your revenues, cost, and efficiency. The question is, “What technology should I use and how do I assess all the different solutions?” Well, we are here to make this research a little easier for you. To give you a preview of our event, here are some technologies you should be thinking about using at your hotel in 3 functional areas:

  • Guest Facing Technology
  • Mobile apps: This includes hotel-centric and loyalty apps to make it easier for guests to search and book rooms.
  • Mobile check-in: Hotels are now taking it a step further to allow check-ins and even access / unlock their rooms through mobile technology, increasing convenience and saving time for their guests.
  • Kiosks and tablets: These can be used for checking nearby restaurants, attractions, nightlife and more without having to track down a concierge.
  • Hotel Operations
    • Mobile devices: Housekeeping staff can see which rooms are occupied, need attention, and respond to guest requests all through software on a mobile device at the palm of their hands.
    • Web based property management system: There are several vendors like Hotelogix and Maestro that offer a flexible module based solution that will let you scale as needed.
    • Hotel optimization systems: Platforms like HotSOS and let you automate and track preventative maintenance, service orders, and guest requests.
  • Website:
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is critical for being found by your prospective guest, especially if you are an independent operator.
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): This is a good way of standing out and making sure your hotel property will appear in searches. And the good news is you only pay for clicks while getting many more impressions.
    • Analytics: Your website is not complete without the analytics to help you understand your audience and their behavior better. You can also tie in your SEM and SEO efforts to see what your return on investment is.

Now that you have a little bit more information on different technology solutions, within several key functional areas for a hotel, how do you decide what solution is best for your hotel? It is crucial to choose solutions that can either increase revenues, decrease costs or improve efficiency while also impacting the guest experience.

Come to our event on April 19th to find out which of the technology solutions is best for you and how to evaluate all of these potential solutions out there. Save your seat here:



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