Breaking News Re: Panic Buttons for Chicago Hotels

June 28, 2018


Bad news first. Despite the rumors and requests from Chicago hotels, the Chicago City Council voted last night not to extend the panic button deadline. Yes, you got that right – the deadline for Chicago hotels to have panic buttons for their employees equipped with panic buttons is still July 1, 2018.


Now for some “good” news. The City Council did clarify and narrow the requirement in the the Chicago Municipal Code Section 4-6-180, as it pertains to which hotel employees need to be provided with the panic buttons. The Ordinance now requires only employees who are working alone and are assigned to clean, conduct inventory or inspect/restock supplies in a guest room or restrooms to be equipped with panic buttons.


The countdown to the deadline is quickly approaching, but the Chicago City Council has made it clear what they expect from hotels. With the ordinance requirements officially set, other cities can follow in Chicago's footsteps. 


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