Seasonal Changes and Hotel Security

December 11, 2018
Seasonal Changes and Hotel Security
by Kalin Estes
CHICAGO (December 11, 2018) – 

Staying on top of hotel security is no easy task. It seems like every time a new safety concern is addressed for a property, a new safety concern arises to take its place. As a result of some recent occurrences among Chicago hotels, we have begun to notice a lapse in hotel security “soft spots”. There is a great deal of importance in providing safety coverage for guest room attendants while they are working in hotel rooms, but there is often a blind eye turned towards areas like the front desk, spas, and even the main lobby. Although these are areas that may seem more secure given the public nature of the location, lately we have been seeing more and more instances of harassment occurring here. Although it may seem like it goes without saying, wherever there is a hub, there is coverage. Many properties lack hub coverage in these ‘soft spots’, and it has become a growing problem for these hotels.

While on the topic of addressing hotel blind spots, has your hotel completed a quarterly check recently? In Chicago, hotels are required to undergo quarterly system checks for their safety buttons in order to maintain city compliance. These quarterly checks must be completed every 3 months. This is an excellent opportunity for your hotel to address its safety “soft spots”.  One method to uncovering these "soft spots" is internally testing your system with your staff. If you have not yet completed a quarterly check, now would be the perfect time to do so to not only maintain your system's compliance for Chicago's ordinance but also to see where your buttons coverage may be lacking.

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