TraknProtect Inventory Tracking and Analytics Software Platform Integrates with Hotel Guest Services Solutions Globally

May 16, 2017

Software Saves Staff and Guests Time and Frustration Through Timely Fulfillment of Guest Inventory and Equipment Requests


CHICAGO (May 15, 2017) –  TraknProtect, a real-time inventory tracking and analytics software platform for hotels, today announced new integration capabilities that enable hotel staff to locate inventory such as cribs, rollaway beds, tables, projectors, and numerous other items, in real time through Amadeus’s Service Optimization HotSOS solution.  These powerful solutions allow hotel staff to respond to and fulfill immediately guest requests for special inventory and equipment, saving staff and guests time and frustration.

“Traditionally, when a guest requests an item like a crib or microwave, a member of the housekeeping  staff or a porter receives the request, then combs through storage or searches floor-by-floor, closet-by-closet, for that item.  Time and patience run out and guests are left unhappy and dissatisfied leading to poor online reviews and lost business,” stated Parminder Batra, CEO and Co-Founder of TraknProtect. “By expanding TraknProtect’s ability to integrate with leading hospitality guest service solutions, such as Amadeus’s HotSOS, we are helping hotels around the world overcome this challenge.”

TraknProtect tags any items owned by the hotel with Bluetooth beacons. Strategically placed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hubs then provide real-time information of the location of these tagged items via the TraknProtect proprietary app so they can go directly to that location. At the Hyatt McCormick Place hotel in Chicago, TraknProtect increased employee efficiency by 200 percent and reduced the time to deliver guest requested items by 50 percent.

“Businesses in the hospitality environment are living in the era of what we call the “Uber Guest” where the hotel guest expects to have requests filled in less time than it would take to get an Uber car, or they become impatient,” said Batra.  “For most hotels, this is extremely difficult because their inventory management is handled manually with staff searching hotel properties for items, leading to minutes and sometimes hours of delays.  TraknProtect solves this problem by delivering real-time location of the inventory immediately to hotel staff.”

As TraknProtect expands its features and scope, hotel staff are now able to receive service orders for key items AND their closest location relative to the guest room within HotSOS– creating greater efficiencies for the hotel.  The original TraknProtect portal will continue to be available to customers, as well, giving hotels access to inventory analytics, in turn helping them make smarter inventory purchase decisions.



About TraknProtect:

TraknProtect is the only inventory tracking and analytics platform for hotels, providing real-time location of what hotels have and where it is via its proprietary app. As a result, TraknProtect is helping hotels increase guest satisfaction and employee productivity. Through data analytics, TraknProtect helps hotels save significant capital costs by making smarter inventory purchasing decisions. TraknProtect surpasses client expectations by providing an end-to-end inventory tracking solution. For more information, please visit


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