TraknProtect and NTT DOCOMO China Join Forces to Offer Complete Line of TraknProtect Products to Hospitality Market In China

May 08, 2018

TraknProtect, the only real-time tracking, safety, and analytics software platform for back-of-the-house hotel operations, today announced it has entered into an agreement with NTT DOCOMO China, a mobile solutions and IoT provider in China, to offer the complete line of TraknProtect’s inventory tracking and safety and security solutions to DOCOMO’s hotel and hospitality customers.

“We welcome the opportunity to expand our product offerings to hotels and properties in China with our new partnership with DOCOMO,” states Parminder Batra, CEO of TraknProtect. “DOCOMO is helping hotels in China use technology to overcome enormous business challenges and TraknProtect is thrilled to help their hotel operations customers improve the way they protect their staff, serve their guests, and improve the bottom line.”

TraknProtect’s robust suite of hotel operations solutions uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to provide customizable, real-time tracking and alerts throughout a hotel and property all on a single platform. TraknProtect is the only tracking platform partner with which DOCOMO has chosen to work, and as a result their customers can improve performance and safety with these solutions:     

    • Inventory tracking: TraknProtect’s original inventory tracking and analytics platform allows hotel staff to respond to and immediately fulfill guest requests for special inventory and equipment (such as cribs or microwaves), saving staff and guests time and frustration.



    • Panic buttons: Panic buttons for hotel employees is a growing priority for the hospitality industry. With TraknProtect, not only can a hotel employee issue a distress call to hotel security and management at the press of a button, but through the TraknProtect app, the alert provides an exact location of the employee, all at an affordable price that leverages existing technology infrastructure.



    • Room tray tracking: In addition to using the TraknProtect platform for inventory tracking, items such as room trays can be tagged with a beacon to alert staff every three to five minutes notifying them that a tray is outside a specific room and that it requires pick up, keeping hallways tidy and safe.



  • Vendor tracking: In an effort to help hotels improve property safety and better track and confirm vendor services have been rendered, TraknProtect offers ID cards that can be issued to outside vendors who are granted access to the property.


“Our hotel customers are constantly looking for new ways technology can help them improve the customer experience at their property and help them run their business more efficiently and safely,” Honma Masayuki Chairman of DOCOMO China Co. “Through our partnership with TraknProtect, we have a great opportunity to offer them a timely, cutting edge location and safety solution that will integrate with back office technologies they are likely already using.”

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