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Join Us On Our Mission



Join Us On Our Mission

We are on a mission to have an impact on safety in hotels but we can’t do it alone. Help us support our partners at Safe House Project, who are working with human trafficking victims break the chains one victim at a time. At TraknProtect, we believe vendors, suppliers and partners of hotels need to also be trained on human trafficking awareness, as much as hotel employees need to be. So join us today by taking the OnWatch Training.

For too many people, the hospitality industry represents not a place of welcome but one of danger and fear. Today, thousands of exploited women and children globally are trafficked through the hospitality system. Therefore, we have committed to eradicating these practices.

We strongly endorse and support the efforts made by the AHLA and the major brands in the development of the 5-Star Promise to include the eradication of human trafficking and AHLA’s No Room for Trafficking.

To find out more about our position on this topic and how you can join the fight, please visit our Mission page.


Smart Real-Time Location Technology for Hospitality.

TraknProtect is a real-time location technology that allows hotels to integrate and harness the power of location data into their safety and operations systems.

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