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Questions About Deployment?



Questions About Deployment?

We're happy to help.

At TraknProtect, every solution we have developed, every tracker, every feature down to being able to take pictures in the safety button module or being able to see if a rollaway bed is made or not, is based on feedback from actual users who benefit from using the solution. But we are not stopping there. Currently, there are three ways to deploy the TraknProtect solution:

  • Utilizing our proprietary BLE/WiFi Gateways

  • Utilizing our BLE/LTE Gateways

  • Leveraging BLE enabled existing WAPs in guest rooms

We wake up thinking about hospitality and so we are continually innovating to leverage your existing networks to provide more value to you so that you can do what you do best – serve your guests.

If you don’t know which deployment fits your needs, contact us. Whether you consider using wifi, leverage your existing access points or perhaps, you are looking for an LTE solution, we can help. Whatever, it is you’re looking for, we have a solution that is not only easy to use but easy to deploy.


Smart Real-Time Location Technology for Hospitality.

TraknProtect is a real-time location technology that allows hotels to integrate and harness the power of location data into their safety and operations systems.

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