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The TraknProtect Story



The TraknProtect Story

Several years ago, Mark Hoplamazian, CEO of Hyatt Hotels, suggested a conference that hotels needed to reverse how they thought about their guests. He proposed that hotels look at their guests like “hosts”.

Think about it: when we are being hosted by someone, we try to conduct ourselves to minimize the impact we have on their routine and their lives. And so, Hoplamazian said, hotels needed to reverse their perspective to see that hotels were “checking into guests’ lives” instead of guests checking into hotels. That this would help hotels reimagine their relationship with their guests, to have greater empathy for their needs, providing their services in a way that anticipated the guests’ needs or alleviated a burden in some way to minimize the impact on the routine and their lives. In his words, having empathy is the purest form of humanness.

Those words have helped shape our culture at TraknProtect. We see ourselves as “checking-into” our customers’ lives, to anticipate their needs for innovative reliable products, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to be responsive to be a partner in their journey. TraknProtect is not a vendor. We pride ourselves to be partners with our customers with a mission to ensure our solution enhances our client’s value without creating friction on their day-to-day operations.

We invite you to request a demo if you're interested in finding out how TraknProtect can help provide your company with Employee Safety at the Touch of a Button®!


Smart Real-Time Location Technology for Hospitality.

TraknProtect is a real-time location technology that allows hotels to integrate and harness the power of location data into their safety and operations systems.

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