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We are a proud member of the hospitality industry and strongly believe in its fundamental tenets and the desire around serving the essential qualities of humanity: the need for shelter and the dedicated provision of care. It was the need to help create a safer hospitality environment for both workers and guests that led to the creation of TraknProtect, and it is this principle that guides not only our strategy, culture and actions everyday but also our commitment to prevent human trafficking in hotels.

If you witness human trafficking, you can report it in multiple ways:


Let us all come together and help bring an end to human trafficking.


For too many people, the hospitality industry represents not a place of welcome but one of danger and fear.  Today, thousands of exploited women and children globally are trafficked through the hospitality system. Therefore, we have committed to eradicating these practices. Fortunately, we have some powerful partners in this fight, and we urge you to support them as we help make hospitality safer for all. While TraknProtect empowers employees with its staff safety buttons, our goal is to work with the hospitality industry to prevent and eradicate human trafficking in hotels.


Safe House Project

Safe House Project is working throughout the United States to unite communities to end domestic sex trafficking and restore hope, freedom, and a future to every survivor through education, emergency services, and safe housing. Our vision is to see child trafficking eradicated in the U.S. by 2030.

Thank you to TraknProtect for being a Leader in Freedom to support our mission to see that child trafficking is eradicated by 2030, through prevention education and safe housing for survivors. By becoming a Leader in Freedom TraknProtect has trained over 90% of its employees on how to effectively identify and report trafficking, as well as supported survivors through emergency services and safe housing.



OnWatch™ is a survivor-led training designed to empower you to spot, report, and prevent sex trafficking where you live, work, and play. Through true survivor experiences, industry experts explain the key indicators of trafficking, as well as how you can support a survivor’s path to freedom.

TraknProtect is a Certified OnWatch™ Advocate since 2021

OnWatch Training Certificate of Completion for TraknProtect
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Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) is the first nonprofit organization in the country dedicated entirely to working with businesses to disrupt human trafficking. BEST strives to help hoteliers learn how to prevent, detect, and report suspected human trafficking activity in order to keep children and vulnerable people safe from human trafficking, and to protect hotels from being a venue where traffickers can conduct exploitation.

We are so excited to start this partnership with TraknProtect in ending human trafficking.


AHLA & 5-Star Promise

We strongly endorse and support the efforts made by the AHLA and the major brands in the development of the 5-Star Promise to include the eradication of human trafficking and AHLA’s No Room for Trafficking. We believe that all stakeholders – the employees who service the hotels, the guests who travel as well as the solution-providers who serve the hospitality industry –have a responsibility to be active participants in this fight and we all can educate ourselves and others around us to better meet this goal.

You can learn more about the steps you can take to participate in this movement here. It is our responsibility as a community to learn how to identify signs of human trafficking with this toolkit training hotel employees by category.

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