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LTE Solution

Flexible coverage everywhere

3 Ways to Deploy

BLE+WiFi Gateway Solution

Utilize easy to install, easy to
deploy utilizing
TraknProtect's BLE + WiFi

Integrated Solution

Use existing WAPs, such
as Aruba, Cisco Meraki or
Ruckus to deploy

Now - LTE Gateway Solution

Bypass properties WiFi
system to deploy the
TraknProtect LTE

LTE Gateway Advantage

  • Bypass the property's WiFi without compromising on coverage

  • Utilize LTE private networks to ensure a secure and reliable network for transmission of data

  • TraknProtect LTE Gateways are easy to deploy and cost-efficient

  • Advantage over LTE Buttons:

    • LTE Buttons create potential of loss of coverage inside buildings while LTE Gateways are placed
      in locations to ensure coverage, have a long-range antenna and because they are plugged in, they have a higher transmission and receiving power​

    • While LTE Buttons can only be checked when they are activated, LTE Gateways are constantly
      monitored to ensure they are always on-line.


Smart Real-Time Location Technology for Hospitality.

TraknProtect is a real-time location technology that allows hotels to integrate and harness the power of location data into their safety and operations systems.

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