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What Are Our Customers Saying?



What Are Our Customers Saying?

TraknProtect didn’t become a leading provider of safety buttons overnight. It took understanding our customers, their needs, their priorities and the challenges they faced to ensure that the sales process was customized to their needs and that our Customer Engagement team was there to deliver exceptional service. Here is what some of our customers had to say:

  • “We have been extremely pleased with the performance of the TraknProtect solution, the professionalism of the staff, the team’s commitment to timing and happiness of your clients – the responses we get from the team are unequaled. And it is why we continue to work with you to deploy more properties within our portfolio and it is what we would expect from a forward-thinking partner.” Dan P.

  • “We cannot say enough positive remarks about the well-crafted team as they are made up of individuals that care not only about the products they are representing but the success of our business as well. I can attest that you can count on everyone from their sales team to their operations team, right up to their dedicated CEO, Parminder Batra. Save yourself the stress of choosing another company for your safety technology, just go with TraknProtect.” Vincent S.

  • “The quality of the TraknProtect product was perfect, but moreover the service aspect from the team at TraknProtect was even better. I could not endorse a better partner for safety buttons.” Ron V.

Thank you to our customers without whom we would be where we are, and we hope to continue to delight you with our products and services.


Smart Real-Time Location Technology for Hospitality.

TraknProtect is a real-time location technology that allows hotels to integrate and harness the power of location data into their safety and operations systems.

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