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Enhance Your Staff Safety and Security with TraknProtect's Award-Winning Safety Button Technology

In today's fast-paced world, ensuring the safety and security of employees is a top priority for hotels. A key element of that is to equip their staff with safety alert devices that can alert others of when they need help. Various cities and states have already implemented regulations that require hotels to provide safety buttons to their employees, specifically housekeepers who mostly work alone while they clean guest rooms and restrooms in a hotel. Hotel brands have also established brand standards and guidelines that require hotels to provide safety buttons, even if their hotel is not subject to city, state or union requirements.

TraknProtect, a leading provider of safety technology solutions, has revolutionized workplace safety with its award-winning innovative Safety Button Technology. This blog will explore the features and benefits of TraknProtect's Safety Button Technology, how it enhances employee well-being and peace of mind, and what sets TraknProtect apart from the rest.

1. TraknProtect team wakes up thinking about hospitality. Our team is passionate about solving problems for the hotel industry and making sure our products, and processes are efficient and streamlined to provide an exceptional customer experience to our clients.

2. Constant evaluation of potential points of failure. At TraknProtect, we are continually evaluating, assessing, and addressing potential points of failure in the TraknProtect system. This process is crucial and allows our team to address any risks or errors to obtain full confidence in our safety technology. Any claim of zero points of failure by any solution, raises concerns that they are not looking for such points of failure, thereby increasing the risk of not being prepared with a backup plan should a potential point of failure become a reality.

3. We are industry experts. TraknProtect was one of the first safety button providers to the hospitality industry. The TraknProtect team has our fingers on the pulse of the industry allowing us to lead key workgroups with major industry organizations such as co-chairing the first workgroup by HTNG on staff safety in hotels. In addition, TraknProtect is ahead of any potential regulation that may impact our clients. We work tirelessly to understand the regulations as well as union and brand requirements to help our partners comply. There are hotels that are subject to regulations as well as union and brand requirements and it can be daunting to understand how to comply with multiple and/or competing requirements. TraknProtect is here to help make sense of it all.

4. Preferred by most major hotel brands. TraknProtect is preferred not only by large hotel brands such as IHG, Hyatt and Sonesta, but also luxury and boutique brands such as Accor, Peninsula, and Hard Rock as well as large procurement groups like Avendra (division of Aramark). In addition, TraknProtect is preferred by management groups such as Aimbridge, Schulte and many others. The breadth of preferred vendor statuses across hotel brands and management groups makes TraknProtect safety buttons one of the most sought-after solutions in the market.

What features makes TraknProtect the preferred safety solution to so many brands and management companies?

1. Discreet and User-Friendly: Before designing the solution, TraknProtect’s CEO, Parminder Batra, met with key stakeholders to understand the need in the hospitality industry. For example, housekeepers that Parminder met wanted a small discrete but user-friendly safety button that was easy to use. In designing the solution, TraknProtect understood the importance of easy to carry safety solutions that were easy to carry and did not interfere with day-to-day operations. The intuitive and user-friendly design makes it simple for employees to activate the safety button in times of distress, reducing stress and improving response times.

2. Location Tracking: One of the key features of TraknProtect's Safety Button Technology is its ability to provide accurate location tracking. The button is in deep sleep mode until it is activated, which means, employees cannot be tracked when the button is not active. When an employee triggers the safety button, their precise location information is instantly transmitted to the designated responders via multiple means of communication. TraknProtect is the only provider to cover a myriad of modes of communication to ensure that responders are aware that a safety button has been triggered. These include push notifications, SMS messaging, desktop alerts (at front desk or security desk), visual alerts for the hearing impaired, Teams messaging and email notifications. This enables responders to quickly identify the affected area and dispatch assistance to the exact location, ensuring a swift and targeted response. These are sent every few seconds to ensure that the responders are aware of the ongoing location of the employee if they move or are moved.

3. Comprehensive Incident Reporting: TraknProtect does not stop at simply notifying the responders. The TraknProtect application and portal includes a robust incident reporting system. When a safety button is activated, certain data such as the time, date, and location, is automatically logged and stored. In addition, the responders can enter information as to which employee was impacted, what happened, the type of incident (injury, assault, false alarm, etc.), and add comments as well as upload pictures right from the TraknProtect mobile app. This detailed information can be invaluable for post-incident analysis, investigations, and compliance reporting. We empower hotels by providing insights to help identify patterns and implement proactive measures to enhance overall workplace safety.

4. Integration with Existing Security Infrastructure: TraknProtect's Safety Button Technology seamlessly integrates with existing Wi-Fi and security infrastructure and communication systems, providing a holistic safety solution. It can be integrated with security cameras, access control systems, and communication platforms, enabling a centralized and streamlined approach to emergency response. This integration ensures that the right personnel receive immediate alerts and can take appropriate actions promptly.

5. Comprehensive solution: TraknProtect's Safety Button solution addresses many use cases that help hotels not only provide a safety solution to its housekeepers, but includes:

§ Stationary buttons for the front desk, bars and bar carts;

§ Waterproof safety buttons for pools, kitchen areas, freezers;

§ 2-way Communication LTE Safety Button – for security staff, shuttle drivers and valet.

TraknProtect's Safety Button Technology is revolutionizing workplace safety by providing employees with a reliable and efficient way to empower employees to summon help during emergencies. With its instant access to assistance, location tracking capabilities, discreet design, comprehensive incident reporting, integrations with existing security infrastructure, and a continually evolving comprehensive solution, TraknProtect is setting new standards in employee well-being and security. By implementing TraknProtect's Safety Button Technology, hotels can foster a safe and secure environment, instilling confidence, and peace of mind among hotel employees.


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