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Hotel Employee Safety in a Changed World: New Guide Reveals Everything Hoteliers Need to Know

Why hoteliers may be putting employees and their business at risk, and what should be done to prioritize on-property safety

Finally, hotel reservations are on the rise, airports are buzzing with energy, and travel plans are already looking promising for the upcoming calendar year. But are things really getting back to ‘business as usual’? Well, not quite. The hospitality industry still faces a number of challenges born out of the pandemic that will require enhanced consideration and care over the coming months. Specifically, labor shortages and increased on-property crime are of notable concern, following a mass-exodus of talent from the hospitality sector and a steady influx of crime, including increased assaults, harassment, violence, and theft across hotel properties.

Now, more than ever before, hotel brands of all size and scale find themselves trying to do more for guests with less staff to execute and maintain brand standards, at a time when staff and guest safety is increasingly being called to question.

Staff safely, specifically, is a historical issue across our industry but, in the wake of the pandemic, it carries additional weight. With public safety at the forefront of our consideration, hoteliers are called to reconsider the risks facing their staff while returning to work, and establish a staff safety framework that is aptly suited to meet and overcome the challenges of this changing world. After all, we know that great hospitality staff is the key to a great guest experience and, in turn, the success of any hotel or hotel brand.

So, shouldn’t the staff experience be considered and prioritized in the same manner as the guest experience? How can we expect to advocate for one without the other? The answer, quite simply, is that we can’t. The staff experience directly informs the guest experience, and in today’s climate, there is no room for error, oversights, or misgivings.

With these emerging challenges in mind, TraknProtect has developed a must-read guide for hotel employee safety in a changed world. Key topics covered include:

  • A pandemic within the pandemic: The dwindling hospitality workforce, and how to better attract and maintain talent in the post-pandemic era

  • How to effectively attract and earn the loyalty of both guests and staff, especially women, hotels must make safety a key component of their brand promise

  • Why hotels can’t afford to wait to prioritize on-property safety

Also included is a bonus checklist to equip hoteliers with a comprehensive framework to assess and reimagine their current hotel safety infrastructure including the importance of using hotel panic buttons.

According to TraknProtect CEO, Parminder Batra, employee safety button technology has provided unparalleled growth opportunities to address an industry plagued with outdated technology and processes. "It has always been our mission to become true advocates and, alongside our partners, become true eyes and ears for the hospitality industry. If we can create a safety-focused ecosystem, the impact we can have is exponential,” shares Batra. ”We are excited to share our industry experience to help hotels discover how the latest best practices and technologies can transform on-property safety for hotel staff and guests alike.”

To download the guide, PROTECTING THE FRONT LINE: Hotel Employee Safety in a Changed World, CLICK HERE.


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